Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Joe's Allotment 2009 - No. 2

In his role as new lead presenter at Berryfield's Chris Beardshaw visits Joe's Allotment

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Crusty Bedsocks said...

For goodness sake get the guy a ladder!

The Black Fingernail said...

Rumours are rife that Chris is a member of the recently discovered pygmy tribe in East Yorkshire called the Hullarwee.

Well I think that's what they are called - They were apparently spotted jumping up and down in long grass shouting what sounded like "We're the Hullarwee!"

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Joebama Swift Campaign '08, I'd just like to say that, contrary to the impression given by this "amusing" caricatif, there are no weeds at Joe's allotment, not a one. Check it out.

Anyway, if you persist in claiming otherwise, we'll have to do like legal action on you and stuff.

Yours triangularly,

Arabella Sock said...

Well this is the thing isn't it..

There may be no weeds now but by 2009 it will be rampant.. that is if the various gojiberry spread diseases haven't killed everything off.

Has he thought about growing bio-fuels instead?

Anonymous said...

What a doomsayer, honestly. Just because there are a few little pieces of couch grass root left in the soil, and a few little couch grass seeds, and a few little other seeds of maybe some other persistent and ineradicable perennial weeds like dock, you have to come over all negative. It's just like, so, uncool. We believe in positive thinking here at JoeCamp. If you thought a few more positive thoughts, maybe you wouldn't have so many weeds in your life! Did you ever think of that?