Saturday, 21 June 2008

Jungle Fever

Somewhere in this country is the viewer who voted for a Jungle garden at Berryfields. The Sock suspects they were being ironic..

Nevertheless, the garden was foisted on the Gardeners' World viewing public with who better to look after it than Joe of the Jungle complete with banana skins to slip on... The Sock can't comment on last nights return to the Jungle as she fell asleep during the programme but luckily Fat Rascal was awake and inspired to write a song.

There cannot be a person in the country who doesn't know the song 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' more commonly known as the 'Wimoweh Song'. Versions of it have been sung over the years by such rock giants as The New Christy Minstrels and the 1982 band Tight Fit. Feel free to sing along yourself to Fat Rascals updated lyrics below...

The Monty Sleeps Tonight




In the jungle
The pointless jungle
Joe has gone barking mad
He's hiding his houseplants
In with the cannas
'Cos everythin's lookin' so bad

Send-him-away, lock-him-a-way,
Give-him-a-way, take-him-a-way

In the borders
The long, long borders
Carol's loose with a scythe
She's hacking down plantings
Once made by Monty
Nothing's allowed to survive

Send-her-away, lock-her-a-way,
Giver-her-away, take-her-a-way

Hush, my Monty
Don't fear my darling
Sleep snuggled down in your sack
They're cocking it all up
Much worse than you did
Maybe they'll ask for you back




Anonymous said...

can we get these two to sing it? Then I think we might be onto something
Call me on my private line

Arabella Sock said...

Fantastic! Make it so number one.

Anonymous said...

What about this one...
Wouldn't like to comment on whether the one on the left has had too many cakes at Betty's of Harrogate.

Fat Rascal said...

Your first name isn't Simon is it Mr hot shot?

Why can't Arabella and I sing it? OK, neither of us can sing but than hasn't been an impediment to any of your other acts and I can't think of any other novelty sock and cake duo.