Monday, 7 July 2008

Hampton Court - Pants!

Viewers of tonight's Hampton Court program could not have failed to be astounded when judge Chris Beardshaw said he was looking for "adventurous briefs"!!!

The sock wonders if these are exciting enough for the little gardening god?

Does anybody else have adventurous ideas for briefs? Or does anyone know where Mr X can purchase some S Club 7 underwear?


Anonymous said...

i have got photos of Beardshaw
send me a million pounds in a brown paper envelope

Arabella Sock said...

It's a deal. I'll get you one million by the end of the week and the rest will follow when I get the photos.

I've already got the one with the cactus.

Fat Rascal said...

I heard him say that and thought of you!

Although I think "adventurous briefs" would be a great theme for RHS flower shows, I'm bored with sustainable, edible, native.....

(Sustainable edible briefs? Just a thought)

Did you hear Joe mention he had an allotment too?

emmat said...

Have you seen the animation on the very front page of the Hampton Court website. Click when it says "click here" on the window. When it began, I really really thought of you!