Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Dazed and Confused

David Beckham has a lot to answer for - if it hadn't been for him the Sock would have watched the Olympics. Too many times the Sock has involved herself emotionally in watching sport only to have the euphoria of victory turned into the slough of despondency by the actions of 'sportsmen' like Beckham. So not wishing to take part in the pre-ordained misery of defeat in the Olympics the Sock didn't tune in - only to find too late it was a medal-fest for the Brits.

Having denied herself the rest of the Olympic spectacle the Sock finally felt that at least she should watch the closing handover ceremony. What a joyous representation of Britain that made - X-factor Lewis, an ageing rocker, some performance artists and a pretty little girl chosen by 'Blue Peter' viewers. Let's hope it wasn't another 'Socks the cat situation' then or we will be accused of what good old hands-in-suit-pockets Boris called a 'switcheroo' when referring to the Chinese substituting a prettier girl for the minger in the opening ceremony. Not withstanding all that the Sock was still moved enough to squeeze a few tears out - and there is no doubt the rest of the world seems overjoyed to see Beckham even if the Sock is not!

One thing confused the Sock greatly though. The choreography of the handover ceremony bore an astonishing resemblance to a promotional video for Chris Beardshaw that the Sock had designed for his application for the ill-fated Britain's Next Top Gardener job.

Speakers on everybody....


Fat Rascal said...

I think they should give you the job of arranging all ceremonies in 2012!

I thought at the time that most of us could have done a better job of the alleged topiary on the top of the bus but it was really Dahliaman who was missing!

PS I like David Beckham, that's the second shameful confession in one week!

HappyMouffetard said...

A shower of pink dahlia flowers. What better spectacle can you ask for?

Anonymous said...

Is that code for something?

VP said...

Can we start a campaign for several garden related events for 2012?

That way our place in the medal table will be assured?

Ideas for events anyone?

How about the snail putt, slug javelin, treeathlon for starters?

emmat said...

that is my best video of yours so far. I had to download new firefox to do it and it was so worth it!

I can't really believe that after all that stuff about the lovely upright CHinese people and all those smiling small children waving, they had Jimmy "dirty" page and Leona singing " i wanna be your back door lover" to represent us... it's just sordid.

Anonymous said...

jane, those pink dahlias are a symbol of freedom for repressed gardeners everywhere!