Friday, 23 January 2009

Desert Island Plant Challenge

The Sock has missed the original plant challenge day but saw it mentioned on VPs blog. The premiss is that you are allowed three plants on your Desert Island, no restrictions on growing conditions and you've already got food.

So clearly...

Giant Gunnera so the leaves can be used for shade or shelter and any rain will run down the grooves in the leaves and be channelled into the pipes made using my second plant bamboo. The bamboo can also be used to make various mats and bits of furniture.

The third plant will be a sempervivum to remind the Sock there is always life. Hmm.. or should it be a cacao tree to remind me that failing anything else there is always chocolate..

Actually thinking about it the Sock doesn't have that rather lovely sempervivum 'raspberry ice' pictured above which she now NEEDS to join her collection. Forget the desert island stuff the Sock loves to shop..


Anonymous said...

sempervivum 'raspberry ice' is rather lovely - a shopping trip is definitely in order.

VP said...

Yep, raspberry ice's a must, the cacao tree's alraedy there ;)