Tuesday, 13 January 2009


The Sock has noticed that a rebellion is sweeping through blogworld against the misuse and overuse of certain buzzwords. So far detox and sustainability have been identified as words we least want to hear in a gardening (or indeed any other) context. The Sock would like to add 'ethical' to the growing (ha ha don't excuse the pun) list!

The Sock recently had to call in a plumber to deal with a minor disaster. This would have remained minor rather than a disaster if the Sock had done something about it sooner but past dealings with anyone in the plumbing trade have left the Sock somewhat phobic about letting these people in to her house. Enter the "Ethical Plumber"! What the heck is that all about? Is he saying that as opposed to all the other complete bastards who have ripped the Sock off with their shoddy incompetent workmanship he is actually going to do the job properly at a fair cost?

The Sock decided to give him a try on the grounds that he probably couldn't be worse than anyone else. It is also true to say that the Sock was influenced by the name and the idea that somehow this plumber might be the first not to engender twenty letters of correspondence and the threat of legal action.

The Ethical Plumber turned up and was just about as ethical as one might hope for, looked like an overgrown student with a hippy dippy wooly hat and a beaten up VW van. He wiped his feet on the mat instead of stomping dirt up the stairs and did what he was supposed to, cleared up after himself, charged a fair price and admired the Sockmobile (turned out he was a VW Beetle fan). He cheerfully explained that he likes to do a good job at a fair price - hence the name!

That is all fine but why is the Sock living in a society where doing your job properly is labelled "ethical" in some way?

Ethical gardening, ethical plumbing, whatever next?


VP said...

Ethical Ethics?

WV says werate, which is exactly how I feel about this post. Well said Arabella.

Rothschild Orchid said...

"social mobility"

jane said...

if he was ant good, send him up to me

Arabella Sock said...

I think he did an OK job Jane - and he actually listened to what I said was wrong and agreed with me!! You can't have him he's mine!