Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Watch the Birdy

The Sock's favourite UK birds are longtailed tits pictured above. They have never ever been seen in her urban garden so the Sock was really excited today to see a pair happily flitting about.

Reminder to everyone that the RSPB birdwatch is this weekend.

As we are on the subject of birdies the Socks favourite Aussie bird was the gorgeous little Superb Fairy Wren with it's iridescent dragonfly blue head. The Sock was totally entranced by them and was lucky enough to finally get one still long enough to take a photo.

And of course the Socks had to have a photo of a kookaburra - this was the first sighting and a rather handsome bird compared with other kookaburras we saw which were a bit manky.

And just to show that not all birds are cute and cuddly this was the evil ibis from hell which stalked the Sock around Sydney Botanic gardens trying to snatch her sandwich!


VP said...

Those ibises are a bit assertive! The kookaburra's my favourite - we used to see 12 of them lined up in a tree at night and their call makes me laugh so much. NAH bought a whole lot of toy ones home when he went to Oz thru' work. We have them lined up on the bannister and set them all off laughing from time to time.

I'll be joining in the RSPB garden birdwatch too - I think I've just about got an hour on Saturday morning before flitting off for a spa weekend with the girls :)

Arabella Sock said...

I wish I had a toy kookaburra now the cats would love it.

Spa weekend!!!! Sounds good - I'm envious.

VP said...

Not a spa weekend, but a spa weekend with the girls and champagne and chocolates and Mama Mia on DVD

VP said...

And yes, the cats would love a toy kookaburra...