Saturday, 7 February 2009


Evening Sockwatchers. The Socks drove down to Plymouth from Brighton yesterday as the Bedsock is doing consultancy work there for a few months and has rented a rather nice apartment. This will serve well as a weekend holiday cottage without the guilt of two home ownership.

The Sock was done out of the nice pub lunch by a roaring log fire which she had booked and instead spent 4 hours sitting in snowbound traffic jams just outside Dorchester. This is a major coastal route and much of it was easily negotiable but for some reason the snow had hit just where our lunch was planned near Piddlesomething or another. Piddle was a key word as the Sock spent the 4 hours stuck in the jam desperately needing to. How the Sock wished she had spent more time practicing with the Shewee. For the uninitiated a Shewee is a plastic funnel device shaped to fit so that you can unzip your trousers or whatever, slide it into position and pee into whilst the liquid is diverted through the nozzle which can be pointed well away from
your shoes.

The instructions given with this £5.00 device (which comes in a not very discreet plastic zip bag) suggest that you first practice in a shower with it. Well the Sock did practice and quite frankly never got the hang of it with pee going all over the show. Nevertheless, it would have been better than having to sit there wondering whether to hang on or to give the lorry driver behind us a nasty shock.

Further internet research suggests that a better method would be those little bags of crystals you can pee in. The same effect could easily be achieved by the expensive brand of cat grit the Socks use. It comes in super absorbent crystal form and you could just cut the top off the packet and squat on that. Sorted!

The Sock should say that we were well prepared to spend the night in a snowdrift, a packet of TUC biscuits (never go anywhere without them) some hummus, chorizo and tangerines.
What a shame the Bedsock couldn't have any of the hip-flask full of Talisker as he was (hopefully) driving.

The Socks did arrive in Plymouth late but safe. It hasn't snowed here although you can see it up on Dartmoor in the background. Today was sunny and we took the little passenger ferry across the Tamar to Mount Edgcumbe and walked the coastal path around there and back through the park which holds the National Camellia Collection.

The Sock's contribution to 'Guess Who is Coming to Dinner' may be a little late as she is just about to relax in a scented bath surrounded by candlelight and may be too relaxed to blog more tonight.


VP said...

Don't worry Arabella, late contributions are welcome. Several people seem to be making a weekend of it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh - horrid journey, glad you arrived safe.
Don't worry - you have been invited to my dinner party - although, I just read on some ones blog this morning that you are a real foodie ....

Anonymous said...

I was given a Shewee which has been laying idle in the glove box for over a year in anticipation of desperate times. I thought it was a really cool piece of kit and have sat in many a jam, relaxed and a little smug if truth to tell, secure in the knowledge that relief was at hand should I need it. How naive am I? Thanks Arabella. I'll be test driving in the shower later.

Arabella Sock said...

I'm back and I'm starving too so I had better get this dinner party on the road.

Karen, we are foodies but not food snobs. The Bedsock's hobby is "food" in all forms, he loves cooking it, reading about it, shopping for it, everything! But we enjoy ham, egg and chips as much as a gourmet meal.

Cycling gardener.. you must let me know how the Shewee testing goes. I can't believe that I am that anatomically different to other women so maybe I just need more practice to get the hang of it! Time for all Shewee owners to fess up on how they do it!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only honorary girl around here who feels a bit queasy about Shewees?

Arabella Sock said...

James - I think as an honorary girl you will have to get over it. The only reason I bought a Shewee was because the Bedsock threw a fit when he found out why I had put his 2 litre measuring jug in the back of my car for long journeys. I don't know what the fuss was about - I would have put it in the dishwasher afterwards had it ever been used.

Unknown said...

This product is a whizz not a shewee. Shewee is much better because you don't need to pull your jeans down at all and it never goes out of shape. A whizz also needs to be replaced after a year whereas a shewee never needs replacingfor comfort and privacy. Held in position with 3 adjustable and flexible straps, the soft rubber Shewee Go seals comfortably in place outside the body.