Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sea Gardens

Hi there Sockwatchers! The Sock has been on hols again - did you miss her? The Socks rented the most fabulous house (below) on the Devon coast after seeing a piece about it in Sally Shalam's Guardian Travel column. Doesn't she just have the best ever job staying at lovely places and writing about them?!!

The view from the bed.. no need for daytime TV when you can just gaze at the little boats scudding by in the distance..

The house was perched on the coast just above a glorious, deserted, sandy cove with interesting rock formations and pools covered in limpets, barnacles, seaweeds and sea anemones creating exquisite little sea gardens.

These rocks look like Picasso heads....

Even the flotsam of beach balls and fishing paraphernalia added colour and beauty to the scene reinforcing the Sock's argument that this 'debris' looks interesting in situ and Toby Buckland shouldn't be seaside scavenging it.

A view from the coastal path during a week of totally unexpected March sunshine....

Oh well back to 'work' and after having already reviewed last weeks Gardener's World as part of a Guardian gardening guest blog the Sock is brimful of ideas for her own new series. Watch this space!


Pork Chop said...

Lovely photos as ever Arabella. It's rare to see the sea so calm in March too. You certainly had a good week.

Looking forward to the new "series".

Dishwasher Crab said...

Beautiful photos Arabella - this looks like the sort of place a Dishwasher Crab would be more than happy to call home.

Re. seaside scavenging - you are absolutely right. We need it like we need a hole in the shed.

Oh hang on. I've seen GW, it's already been done.

Anonymous said...

OOH Ms Sock
How wonderful that place is!
I'm now dreaming of it maybe on a dark and stormy winter night.
I'm like that.
I imagine the price is beyond any but famous Guardian socks, even on dark and stormy nights?
Dishwasher, pleas don't remind me about cutting holes in sheds.
I'm trying to blank that bit out

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Wish I had a job like that! And yes, you were missed. What a great place to go for your hols, that view from the bedroom alone is to die for. Now if only it had my water feature then it would be purrrrfect, wouldn't you say? ;-) Read your take on the new GW, have you read mine on Veg Plotting? Mi-aow!

Unknown said...

That's one very nice little holiday home there!

Great pics and look forward to following your blog!


Arabella Sock said...

Yolanda I did read your comment about GW on VPs blog and as usual was in complete agreement OTHER than I have no memory of strapping young men on the program. How could I have missed those? Unless I blacked out with boredom for a bit.

Hi Ryan, I only wish it was my holiday home - except I would live in it permanently!

James A-S said...

Ah, there you are.
I rather suspected that you had been off lying around in bed somewhere and I was correct in that surmise.
You are a bit like Goldilocks wandering around the world sleeping in other people's beds and eating people's porridge (or fine wines at least).
Glad it was fun and sunny: although hammering rain on those windows would also have been very exciting.

VP said...

Hi Arabella - glad you had marvellous hols!

I've added your latest holiday home to my birdwatching from bed guide.

After our Grauniad escapade my friend in Corsham emailed to tell me she loves the name of your bloggywog!

themanicgardener said...

If you're trying to make us jealous, you have succeeded.

Juliet said...

Welcome back, Arabella - lovely photos - glad you had a good time.

More blog now please - some of us have had withdrawal symptoms.