Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Kitten Diaries Part I

Hebe's Diary

November 1st

It's been here a month now and there seems no prospect of it going.  I thought when they didn't give it a name it was only here on a temporary basis but now they're calling it Spook - sums it all up really. :(

November 5th

Ha ha ha - I did laugh this morning.  I was in the bedroom wardrobe and watched the scene unfold from my hiding place.  The Bedsock bought a breakfast tray up to bed, hot buttered toast with marmite and a cup of coffee.  As he put the tray down on the bed Spook flew out of nowhere and landed on the tray spilling the coffee all over Arabella's newly washed duvet.  Then he trampled all over the toast leaving marmite pawprints across the bed as he fled!  When I heard the Bedsock curse that that was the last of the butter so he couldn't make any more toast,  I laughed so much I wee'd in the wardrobe! Then I gave Arabella's new leather boots a quick scratch just for the hell of it. Sadly the marmite incident didn't spell Spook's demise although it was a close thing.

November 12th

November 17th

The Bedsock  bought  a little box of 4 Ferrero Rocher chocolates home - God knows why when there is Choccywoccydooda in town selling the real stuff.   Anyway, the Bedsock ate two, Arabella ate one and said she would save the last one for later - so I hid it under the sofa! Ha ha.  First Arabella blamed the Bedsock for scoffing the last chocolate... then after he had vigorously denied this Spook got the blame.  LOL!  A few more tricks like that and perhaps they'll get shot of him...

Spook's diary


Hello, hello, hello, I'm mad me!  I like to play and I like to cuddle and best of all I like to eat. Eat! Eat! Eat! I will eat anything.  I like to share everyone's food. When Daddy cooks a meal we all rush around laughing and singing "We're having chicken tonight" and then just as we all sit down to eat I get lobbed out into the hall and the door slammed behind me!  I don't understand. Never mind, they will soon all come round to my way of doing it.

Another thing that is odd - before Mummy goes to sleep we play for a bit on the bed.  I jump around and bite her feet and then when Mummy tries to stop me I release a bit of wind  (all this food does make me terribly gassy).  Then I get lobbed out into the hall and the door slammed behind me!  It just doesn't make sense!

When Mummy is making breakfast for me and Hebe in the kitchen, I like to show her how happy I am by running up her legs and hanging onto her bottom by my claws.  She screams and then I get lobbed out into the hall and the door slammed behind me!  This is really a very weird place and I will have to make sure that the servants are a bit better trained.

Hebe likes to play with me but for some reason she prefers to have glass doors between us.  This seems very strange to me as I can't jump on her and bite her ears in that affectionate and playful way I do.

Daddy seems a bit hung up about rules.  He says "Cats are not allowed on the surfaces and particularly not on the cooker.

Hebe ignores him so I do too.

Arabella's Diary


How the hell did we end up with a kitten called Spook?


VP said...

A. Probably in the same way our friends have ended up with kittens called Ninja and Clueless.

Arabella Sock said...

Clueless! What a great name for a kitten. We did think about calling spook Ninja but I already have a fluppet that is called Ninji Bunny.

James A-S said...

neither Classical nor sophisticated but strangely apt.

What on earth is a Fluppet? is it alive?

Arabella Sock said...

A fluppet is a fluffy hand puppet. The Bedsock bought me Ninji as a kitten substitute before we set up home together and got the real thing.
Ninji used to go on holiday with us..
here is a picture of his trip to Sicily

clic for the pic

Rothschild Orchid said...

LOL! He so reminds me of my Silvi. Looks like an angel but is infact the spawn of the devil! Stilton was such an angel I never believed that Silvi would be anything different...

Still you learn to love them in the end ;o)

Gorgeous photos.

RO :o)

Arabella Sock said...

There was a bad thunderstorm last night and it was the first time Spook got spooked and had to curl up in bed with me because he was scared. He actually managed to behave himself all the rest of the night! He is a like an incrediby affectionate little angel when he is asleep, RO.

Claire Potter said...

our little wonder, Sakura is a lovely little brown tabby and she manages to camo herself into a very apt brown rug. she then leaps off and bites your toes.
She was completely unbothered by the thunderstorm (it didn't 'arf come down with a bang didn't it?), whereas the dog went mental.
I suppose she has got all aloof now she is in her fours.

Rothschild Orchid said...

You should count yourself very lucky then. Stilton thinks he's people. He sleeps stretched out lengthways along the whole bed (under the covers ofcourse in the winter) right in the middle of the bed. I wake up in the mornings clinging for dear life to the edge of the bed!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Great read, but then I always love to read a diary, especially someone else's. ;-)

BTW give Spook some cottage cheese every day ( 1 table spoon) and that will stop the gass production.

BTW I'm very envious that you have such a lovely and naughty Spook! Wish he haunted my house.