Friday, 20 November 2009

My little cupcakes..

Sock feels sick.. and it's all James the Hat's fault. The Sock is terribly easily influenced by other people  (she went right off her favourite fuchsias  after a friend suggested that they were blowsy and common).  All this talk of cupcakes had permeated into the Sock's little brain so when the Bedsock suggested that after taking his visiting Mama to an art exhibition we just call into the Angel Food Bakery for a coffee it was, of course, impossible not to have a cake (or two)! Actually the Sock really fancied the Toffee Apple Cupcake and thought we had agreed to share that and a Chocolate and Orange  but to her absolute horror Mama Bedsock scoffed the entire Toffee Apple one herself so we had to buy another.

Now the Sock feels a little queasy after all that sugar - but it was worth it!

The best ever cupcakes the Socks have had were in a tiny village in the Blue Mountains in Australia.  The village only had two shops and one of those was a dedicated cupcake one which seems perfectly sensible.  Other than that the Sock, like James, remembers with great fondness the Lyon's lemon, orange and chocolate cupcakes of her youth although for us they were part of family picnic lunches not midnight munchies.

PS.  The picture is of the Angel Food Bakery in Brighton and that enormous cupcake in the foreground can be made to order.


Ms B said...

When did the delightful delicate British fairy cake (it was good enough for everyone a few years ago) become this large foreign cupcake?

Hahaha, WV is subtle: subtle it is not!

MarmiteSoldier said...

So many cup little time!!!

Arabella Sock said...

Ms B. the Bedsock asked me yesterday when it was that cupcakes entered the nation's psyche. Was it a 'Sex in the City' thing? Anyway Ms B. your fairy cakes are better than cupcakes because they are not overly loaded with buttercream and I didn't feel sick after eating them.

Marmite Soldier - this is what I told myself before eating two of them! :(

Arabella Sock said...

Disaster!! The cupcakes were the last straw and my study chair buckled and collapse under the weight and is now residing on the dump! These have been very expensive cupcakes - the new chair I will want is bound to cost a fortune. :(

Yan said...

Sorry about the chair, I hope your Cashmere wasn't laddered. However, think of the chair shopping opportunity this will afford! It's not shoes, granted, but better than nothing.

I remember the Lyons cupcakes, too. We sometimes had them for tea on Saturdays. Wonderful. The height of sophistication. Though probably not if you eat all the icing off, first.

I don't think I've ever had one of the new, modren cupcakes, but I keep looking at your photo of the bakery and thinking I should frame it. And I can't get the idea of a Toffee Apple Cupcake out of my mind ...

James A-S said...

I'm not at all sure about Toffee Apple cupcakes: I think they might be a bit unnatural like Minty Hot Chocolate or eating fried eggs with baked beans.

Yan said...

I see your point, but even so - maybe we should have a definitive description and a photo of a Toffee Apple Cupcake so that we can judge it properly.

Not that I'm obsessing about it.

James A-S said...

Other unnatural mixtures: my younger son has just had an After Eight Milkshake. What is the government doing to protect our children from such things? that's what I want to know?

Arabella Sock said...

I totally agree about "unnatural" things - Minty Baileys was the biggest travesty and then they did a Baileys with a hint of coffee in it, why? Nobody ever eats the coffee creams in chocolate selections so why would they want it in liquid form. That having been said the After Eight milkshake actually sounds rather good.

To be honest I think I need to go and get another Toffee Apple cupcake in order to adequately describe what it is like. And a close-up photo of it, of course.

The new chair business is turning out even more expensive than I prophesied. We went to Posture People who do office chairs where a nice young man helped me find one that will lighten the Bedsock's wallet by a few hundred quid. Of course, when I was told that both Andy Sturgeon and Bunny Guinness bought chairs from there I just had to have one. (Don't ask me how that came up in conversation.)

Yan said...

>>To be honest I think I need to go and get another Toffee Apple cupcake in order to adequately describe what it is like. And a close-up photo of it, of course.<<


After Eights are about the only mint/chocolate combination I can bear, but not, I think, in a milk shake. Also, and here is the good bit, I do like coffee creams so if you send me all yours, I will send you all the nut ones!

James, now you have admitted that the govt should do something about your son drinking the AEMS there will undoubtedly be someone knocking on your door at 4.00am with several hefty policemen and half a dozen social workers. Your fridge will be impounded.

Fat Rascal said...

I agree Ms B, they used to be fairy cakes when I was a young rascal.

Cupcakes just had a very thin layer of fondant icing ( I hate the word fondant, it's enough on its own to put my teeth on edge!) and tasted as if they'd never been near a bakery -maybe a lab.

I've just had my first mince pie of the season. Jolly festive it was too.

Mrs. Cakes said...

Wonderful Cakes. Chocolate and Orange cakes are one of my favourites.
The toffee apple also sounds great.
S.R. xx