Friday, 9 April 2010

Coming Soon to a Small Screen Near You..... Landscape Man!!

For all of those who can't wait until 22nd of April for Matthew Wilson's new Landscape Man series

here is a taster...

Also available in 3D. 


VP said...

Am I the only person who has problems in getting Vimeo to play? Happens every bliddy time! :(

VP said...

WV says dratt!!!!

The Constant Gardener said...

ooooh what happened with the bomb? what happened with the bomb?

(I thought Heathcliff was going to emit a little scream when he dropped it like a hot potato)

I thought the lightning strike halfway through that was the bomb going off... but no.

Great trailer. Can't wait :D

Arabella Sock said...

Oh dear VP you are missing a treat... :( definitely dratt!

Constant.. I loved the way that you could tell everyone wanted to panic and run for the hills but didn't want to look like a total wuss! I did detect a slightly hysterical note in Matthew's laugh though!