Monday, 27 September 2010

Madrid - A Room with a View

Madrid, the beautiful Plaza Mayor, centre and cultural hub of  'old Madrid'.  We are staying in a beautiful apartment chosen for its view across the square, the three sunny windows on the first floor by the arch in the far corner are ours.

Unfortunately the view is somewhat spoilt by the exhibition tents in the middle promoting Argentina!

There are other things we didn't expect to see from our three terrace windows leading out onto a small balcony..

A Fat Spiderman

An alarming box with legs bothering people

A mouse

Harry Krishna and his mates

A nude lady forming part of a load of semi-erotic frescoes on the Casa de la Panaderia, representing Cybele adopted Goddess of Madrid looking for her daughter Proserpine in the underworld.

A small choir singing Hallelujah outside a bar just below us late on a Saturday night

A procession of horses and carriages which has now been around the square at least four times with a bit of drumming and trumpeting and a couple of limos squeezed in between.

A man wearing a fab hattiewato

Yes it's all happening here - although if the man who plays the Godfather theme on various instruments 12 hours a day outside the cafés below, doesn't change his tune soon I may have to send the Bedsock down to sort him out!!!


Nick said...

Love the fat spiderman! So the spanish do irony then, do they? I'd love to know his back story.

Arabella Sock said...

Fat Spiderman turns up every day and just sort of hangs around. He's a bit hopeless really. When he poses with kids for photos he does a Superman flying pose - not at all spidermany.

Juliet said...

I have to agree, that is a really impressive hattiewato. Pity he couldn't find one with a longer chinstrap though - that one makes him look a bit as though he's wearing a horse's bridle.

I hope you have some earplugs. You may prefer the music on my blog - it always makes me think of you.

James A-S said...

I am perturbed by a couple of things here...
Firstly the fat Spiderman (as previously noted): do people pay to have photographs taken with him or is he just a random oddball? Likewise the man in a box.

Secondly, why is Cybele (or Demeter or Ceres depending on whichever way you shake it) searching for Proserpine in the naked nude? In my book searching for a lost child is quite low down on the list of semi-erotic opportunities also when searching clothes are a good idea. They afford protection from brambles or rocks and other such hazards upon which one might stumble.

I hope you are having a fine old time and are not holding back on any indulgence.

Arabella Sock said...

Juliet - some of the horseriders had the most marvellous pink plumes on their helmets! I thought of you!

James I did wonder about the use of "semi-erotic" to describe those frescoes in the guidebook. I've had the binoculars out to get a good look at them and quite frankly they are not what I would describe as even a little bit erotic. Actually, on closer inspection, in the first picture of them on the blog, the lady looks slightly hermaphroditic..

We did see some rather better pictures in the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum one of which was Goya's painting of Ferdinand Vii which we thought had a touch of the Matthew Wilson's about it

Plant Mad Nige said...

So, SpongeBob Squarepants has finally made it to the Sea of Immearsuable Blissikins. He must be deeply honoured.

James - stop boasting about your classical knowledge. Demeter is obviously searching for Persephone (Proserpine) in the nude because hubby Zeus has pinched her frock so that he can go philandering in drag.

Plant Mad Nige said...

Immearsuable? Sorry, I meant immesherable, innit.