Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Return to Hissingfirst.... Secrets Revealed

By popular demand the Sock is very proud to unveil her new 'Hissingfirst' masterpiece!  If you missed all previous episodes you can seem them all here

The story continues

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Ps.  Apologies if the timing of the gif is too fast/slow - its impossible to get it right for everyone.  Let me know if there are problems.  Arabella xx

Monday, 15 November 2010

Gone Fishing IV

Joe's hooked a big fish... clic on the pic to enlarge

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Gone Fishing III

You all knew it was coming!!!!! clic on the pic to enlarge

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Gone Fishing II

Be afraid, be very afraid but clic on the pic to enlarge anyway!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Gone Fishing I


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Thursday, 4 November 2010

People and Places

It would now appear to be November and quite what happened to October is anyone's guess.  Somewhere down the line the leaves turned amber, the central heating came on and the cats went into hibernation mode (which differs from summer mode only inasmuch as Spook spends more time pretending to be asleep on my keyboard and refusing to shift when I want to use it and Hebe lives at the back of my wardrobe rubbing as much cat hair as possible onto my previously smart black winter coat).

In between cleaning the greenhouse and bringing in the aeoniums to save them from a cruel and frosty death the Sock has been out and about.

First a delightful evening out at Garden Sage (a.k.a. Rob's Shoppiwop) where the lovely Landscape Man had very kindly agreed to give a talk to celebrate the fairly recent opening.  It was an engaging and interesting talk, very well pitched too given that the shop setting was rather small and intimate and the audience a daunting mix of locals, Rob's relatives and the Sock and some twitter pals leering less than four feet away.

Yes the Sock knows it is the same pic she took at Chelsea but how could she resist the opportunity to post it again?

This gave us the opportunity to appreciate just how handsome Matthew Wilson really is - even more so in the flesh than on TV.  Not that the Sock is shallow or anything but it did strike her that given the Gardening world is well blessed with quite delectable men and women how come we end up with mostly mingers or madpeople as the face of gardening on TV? Sadly C4 is not running a second series of Landscape Man, one of the few programmes the Socks both looked forward to watching.  We can only hope that Matthew is snapped up quickly (if he hasn't been already) by someone who will put his face back on our screens in an intelligent gardening/landscape style programme. 

Great Dixter
Next an extremely enjoyable autumnal outing to Great Dixter with the LazyTrollop who has blogged about it here. A planned summer trip there never materialized and it wasn't an obvious choice for autumn colour so the Sock thanks the indefatigable  VP for recommending it in her Guardian blog here.

Then the Apple Festival at Wisley.  The festival itself was a tad disappointing - stalls were mainly selling slightly upmarket deli stuff, expensive chutneys and cheeses much of which lost its appeal when a scrum of slightly downmarket visitors were seen fingering the food samples and dipping digits in the taster pots instead of using the proffered plastic spoons.  The apples themselves only took up a small tented area but did offer tastings of some interesting varieties  - the Sock waited to grab freshly cut portions of apple to avoid contamination by sticky little mitts.

We tasted these mild, fruity orange chillis and took one home for seed unfortunately Spook ate it!

The highlight was a talk by River Cottage Gardener/Climate Change Farmer/blogger/writer (and not bad looking either) Mark Diacono, encouraging people to grow more little known crops.  Having bumped into Mark prior to the talk and explained how her garden (55ft x 17ft) was too small to grow anything greatly exciting, the Sock left inspired to grow all sorts of wonderful flavoursome things that can't be bought at the supermarket.  More on this in a later blog with a review of Mark's book 'A Taste of the Unexpected' and a lengthy list of all the interesting seeds the Sock has since bought.

Two evenings at the theatre, one seeing Shappi Khorsandi who said she knew that a lot of the audience would be worried thinking she was that irritating woman on Radio 4.  As the Sock was one of those 'worried' she was surprised to find Shappi very smart and funny on stage.   An other evening of more gentle comedy with Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller finished off the month on a happy note.