Sunday, 13 February 2011



The Sock has been very remiss on the blogging front for the last few weeks in part due to Seasonal Apathy but mainly due to some sort of brain/eye strain which has made doing any sort of photoshoppy work difficult.

Now things are at last erumping forth.

e·rum·pent adj.  Bursting through as if through a surface or covering.

This is a lovely new word the Sock has found thanks to Lia Leendertz in her Guardian weekend column. So whilst Lia's recommended snowdrop sites are busy erumping the Sock is also forming little shoots of ideas in her brain which will soon erump forth on her blog. 

In the meanwhile here are some lovely links for anyone who has not yet seen them.  First a little taster of what the sadly cancelled second season of Landscape Man would have bought us.

Landscape Man shakes his booties

Perhaps if we all clap loud enough the series, like Tinkerbell, will be revived and back on our screens.

Also shaking their booties (and a little more in some cases) are

3 Men Went 2 Mow - certainly shaking something

For those of you missing Alys Fowler her Guardian column also gives timely advice this week with a  St. Valentine's day slug massacre The Sock can't think of a better way to celebrate it.

That's enough feeling the love in the room for now.. the Sock will be back soon with a new episode of Dullas


Juliet said...

I hope the brain/eyes are improving - but if your eyes are blurry, please go & see your optician asap - you really don't want to end up in hospital like I did because I thought it wasn't urgent/was just the ME :-*

I love the fluffy photo - what plant is it?

The Constant Gardener said...

I saw that 'erumpent' word and went round practising ways of using it all day too. Fantastic.

Also read Alys's article about slugs: I thought I knew all about slugs beforehand but no. Apparently there is such a thing as a leopard slug (I thought she was having us on for a minute): there is a picture of one here but you have to get past the puke-inducing picture of the ordinary slug eating another squashed slug first.

Nope: sorry. Still hate the buggers.