Sunday, 10 April 2011

Shiny Happy day out at Nyman's

The Sock and her friend Lazy Trollop went for a wander around Nyman's on Thursday - a day well chosen being the warmest of the year so far. The very best sort of Spring day brilliant deep blue skies the first fresh burst of buds blossoming on the trees...

Shiny Happy People* enjoying the sunshine..

Shiny Happy leaves unfurling on a copper beech

A chance to practice with the macro lens showed just how extraordinarily intricate and beautiful the details are

Shiny Happy magnolias

The Sock was going to show you a picture of a Shiny Happy Lazy Trollop but she might retaliate with a picture of the Sock on her blog. Thus we have established a Mutually Assured Destruction scenario.

Wisteria in waiting...

The walled garden was carpeted with a wonderful mix of frittilaria and daffodils providing a naturalistic display of colour and texture that the Sock wouldn't have expected to work but somehow did. The Sock's never had much luck with the meagre clumps of frittilaria planted in the past and they looked so much better planted en masse. Sadly my photos of the larger display failed to do them justice so all you get to see is a clump.

Nyman's 'Bulb of the Month' was frittilaria persica - a great choice and made the Sock want to rush out and buy some.

So drawing on all her critical faculties how would the Sock assess these gardens?

Well they were lovely, just absolutely lovely, everything that Spring should be about. Blue skies and Shiny Happy People.

Although if you want just one teensy little criticism... the Sock would have liked a nice cheese scone to go with her quite good veg soup in the cafĂ©.  Nobody EVER does nice cheese scones any more!

* In the unlikely event you should want to refresh your memory of the Shiny Happy People song you can singalong with it here


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Shiny happy Frits but no shiny happy cheese scones. Boo!

BTW I know how masses of Frits look as I have a drove of them in me own garden. *smug face*

M@M aka VP ;) said...

I've wanted to visit Nymans ever since I trawled through all the bumph about it in the National Trust archive boxes.

They're one of the NT's leaders in seeing how best to garden more sustainably. Expect to see lots of info from their experiments with different techniques.

WV says sambe, which I'm sure is something shiny happy people do :)

Green Industry said...

Yes you are right and your post is nice..
Thank you for this post..

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. I have left a comment on Lazy Trollop, but will say here also, Nymans has a special place in my heart. I worked there as a NT volunteer many years ago when I was young and fitter.

Nymans in wonderful in the Spring.

Lu said...

About 40 years ago I used to make the most delicious cheese scones ever. Perhaps I shall have another go - if they are any good I'll be sure to let you know.

VP said...

Lu is the friend I told you about who loves your blog. I'm so glad she's started to comment!

And I can vouch for her baking skills :)

Arabella Sock said...

Hi Lu and thanks for the reminder VP!

If you find the definitive cheese scone recipe do let me know! I've tried in the past (probably Delia) and they have never really been quite right, a bit heavy I think. I prefer cheese scones to cream teas!

Chris said...

What a shiny happy post! With such a few words you conjure a season so well! I have a v. good cheese scone recipe ( also virtuous as it is wheat and gluten free) should you desire it? We used to serve it with seasonal soup once upon a cafe life ago!