Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Happy Heucheraholics

Hooray! Hooray! It's a Happy Heucheraholics Day!  At last Jooles and Sean got Gold for their stand at RHS Hampton Court plant marquee.

About time too.  The display looked lovely this year and there are only so many Silver Gilts you can take.  Perhaps Jooles and Sean had a premonition they might win as when I saw them, before the medals were announced, they had bought me a very appropriate prezzie with which to toast their win! (clic on the pic to read the wine label!)

I first met Jooles at Malvern 2009 when I was still an 'anonymous' blogger  before emerging from 'behind the Sock' to meet various gardening friends.  Whilst buying a heuchera to add to my collection I must have mentioned the fact that I blogged and Jooles replied "Oh - you're not that 'Gravy' woman are you?"  I nearly jumped out of my skin with astonishment! Suddenly my secret identity had been revealed!  Jooles said they were big fans of my bloggywog and I said I loved their heucheras and since then their happy, welcoming, faces and bright displays have added immensely to the pleasure of my visits to the various RHS shows.

And that is why the Sock is proud to be


VP said...

Oh that is the most wonderful news and about blimmin' time :D

And to think we were talking to Sean and Jooles on Monday whilst their fate was being decided!

Perhaps the powerful Sock thought waves were helping with their decision, now you're a member of the team ;)

Yan said...

Excellent news. And not before time!

We heard it first from The Sock. This Press Pass thing is obviously working, is this one of your first Scoops?

Paddy Tobin said...

Great story, Miss Sock. Did you get to take the bottle of wine home with you?

Ms B said...

Gave them my congratulations too; they were obviously very chuffed to bits with medal plus the coverage they have had...& such lovely people too other than their obvious poor taste in thinking you are someone special!

Arabella Sock said...

Ms B!! You know I am special (in the best sense of the word)!

VP the only possible RHS judges I know are all heuchera haters!

Paddy, I most certainly did take the wine home. Would have drunk it there if I wasn't driving!

Yan - I didn't get it as a scoop just made sure I spread the news. This Press Pass thing is fun but sadly you can't buy things on press day and also I missed the company of Ms. B. I was grateful to be able to miss the crowds though as I don't think I would have been able to cope with the drive and queueing to get in etc.

Ms B said...

Oh, now you've made me feel a teensy bit bad for being a teensy bit mean & of course you are a very special sock.

VP said...

You CAN buy plants on the day - I've done it v early on. Top tip from The Constant Gardener is to walk very slowly out at chuck out time at 5pm and go via the Plant Marquee - she bagged several plants that way on Monday :)

However, that doesn't get you over the problem of not having the delightful Ms B for company and having to make do with me and Victoria instead ;)

Arabella Sock said...

Tee hee Ms B.! You know I always know how much you love me really.

VP - sadly out of all my pictures I don't have one of you and Victoria. And your company was much appreciated - nearly as much as the cup of tea you bought me!