Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Very Shameless Plug for Into Gardens App


What Chrimbo pressie do you give the person who has everything, or the person you have forgotten to buy anything for and need a last minute stocking filler? It can only be a subscription to the absolutely marvellous IntoGardens App   masterminded by the gorgeous James Alexander-Sinclair and presented to you here by the fabulous flying Beardielves! 

Singin' (to the tune of Telephone Man)

"Hey baby, I'm your Into Gardens app
You just load it on your iPad
Then you put it on your lap
You can use it in the bedroom
You can use it in the hall
You can use it in the bathroom
You can hang it on the wall
You can look at pretty pictures
You can order lovely plants
And if you really want to
You can (add lyric of choice here)
Because, hey baby, I'm your Into Gardens app"

Yes, yes, I know this is a totally shameless plug but it will mean JAS has to be doubly nice to me 
in future.  Also  if you check out the IntoGarden's website now and subscribe to their newsletter 
you stand a chance of winning an exquisite Christmas Wreath from the famed Clifton Nurseries
and in all probability crafted by the strong, masculine, capable hands of Managing Director 
Matthew Wilson himself! 

Matthew Wilson rushing to bring you your edible wreath!



VP said...

That has SO made my day :)

Santa has been asked for an iPad mini this year...

Ms B said...

Would that be the very same Mathew Wilson from whom we are awaiting something?

Have you been bribed?

Still made me snicker!

Arabella Sock said...

Yes Ms B. it would. I haven't been bribed.. us Sock's don't accept bribes unless they are of the cake variety and then we give in to temptation very easily.

James A-S said...

"Read it in your pants" is, I suppose the most obvious lyric to insert and a practice that I can heartily recommend.
At first I was a little sceptical about the Apps in Your Underwear Movement but, when I heard that it was being championed by such luminaries as Matthew Wilson - who explained that he always plays Angry Birds and checks email on his iPad while wearing a pair of snugly tailored turquoise boxers - then I was hooked.

Thank you for your plug. Shamelessness of this sort is to be encouraged. Please claim your prizes.

Arabella Sock said...

You are right James that was the most obvious lyric! I did hear a rumour about Matthew Wilson's snug turquoise boxers.. apparently he sits in his office wearing nothing but them and a santa hat whilst hand crafting edible wreaths. The wreaths are beautiful but expensive because Matthew eats half the ingredients as he goes along and they have to factor that in to the cost!