Monday, 2 December 2013

Wisley Autumn Wonderland


Feeling in need of a bit of autumn colour and some banana cake I knew it must be time for a RHS Wisley fix before the full winter drab sets in.  The sky just the blend of blue sky'd, storm clouded, sunshine that lends itself to vibrant colours and a decent photo. (clic on any pic to enlarge and get a sharper pic). Sometimes I wonder if the fact I wear transitions lenses has both intensified colours but made my life seem stormier than necessary the dark contributing to my winter SAD.

I had been in two minds whether to brave Wisley on a busy weekend - more so since the Craft Fair was sure to draw in a whole lot more visitors than usual.  But as usual I had forgotten that most folk mill around the shops and cafes maybe taking a short route to the glasshouse - the rest dissipating around the large gardens all able to find a quiet space of their own.  That having been said some noisy kid still managed to stand in the way of one of my photos for a good five minutes!

I love these echinops? I can't believe I used to cut down all the dead flower heads of plants in my garden to 'tidy' it for the winter.  These will look even more magical sprinkled silver with winter frost.

 The colours and textures around were just stunning.. enlarging parts of the various photos revealed the fine threads of the autumn tapestry - one of the things I love about photoshop!

The 'cornus' pond! I always gravitate towards this on my autumn/winter visits

I liked the way the neatly piled gunnera leaves echo the roof of the pagoda

No visit to Wisley is complete without cake.  The main Conservatory cafe is closed until mid-January to be re-opened as a food hall with even bigger slices of banana cake! As it was the smaller cafe near the Glasshouse was somewhat disorganised and overwhelmed by the extra crowds and I didn't have my usual 'Ladies who Launch' with me to gossip with over lunch.  But sitting outside with a view of the borders and aforementioned cake in front of me it would be difficult to feel anything but content.

A sudden shaft of sunlight backlit these grasses making their feathery heads glow.

Just time for a quick whizz around the Craft fair and a foray into the plant shop to buy some (hopefully) rather tasteful Christmas decorations.   I feel restored - the wonder of Wizzers has worked its magic on me again.


Ms B said...

Yeah! Difficult to beat. said...

What beautiful photographs. A visit to Wisley is always worthwhile. I didn't know about the banana bread though.
I don't think the seed head are Echinops, I think they are Ligularias. But lovely in winter.

Gardens at Waters East said...

Thanks much for the tour to Wisley. Beautiful place for me to see from across the "pond" in the USA. I have left more of the dead plants up this year and hope to take some photos to post latter. Glad I was able to visit again. Jack

Arabella Sock said...

Hi Bloominggarden.. I took a look at ligularias and thought "that can't be right" and then I looked at some winter pictures and you are right! It looks so different in winter. Thank you for that.

Helo Gardens at Waters East. It is only a small tour of Wisley which has loads to offer at any time of year! I went this time last year and took loads of pictures of frosted dead plants looking fabulous