Thursday, 27 November 2014

Fungi, Fungirls, & Festive Wreaths


Sockfollowers (of which are are many) will know that I am a bit of a Christmas curmudgeon.  So this year, in order to get into the seasonal spirit, and inspired by all the wreath workshops advertised on twitter, I decided to make my own wreath using home foraged or grown ingredients.

A day out at Nymans Park with my lovely friends and fellow Ladies who Launch, LazyTrollop and Helen Reeley, produced a load of laughs and a bagful of found obj√©ts for my wreath.  Most of them were found on the ground..

except for the dried hydrangea heads which accidentally fell off the bush into my handbag after a slight nudge from 'someone'.

We saw some fab fungi at Nyman's too (although you will be pleased to know I didn't pick this for my wreath as it is poisonous).

We spent some time trying to take arty photos of the fungi.

And the rest of the time admiring my new hattiewat

Back to the wreath. Spook helped.

I was aiming for as homemade as possible but bought the wreath base and the dried pumpkinos.  The fruit was home dried in the Bedsock's dehydrator and the chillis we grew ourselves.

Halfway through - I am just guessing about how this is done. Next year I might go to one of the  wreath workshops as I think this would have been great fun to do and a gratifyingly competitive. If you live in the Berkhamsted area Helen is doing some at the beginning of December tweet @helenreeley for details.

And here is my finished wreath!!! I love it and I'm sure it would have won any competition! 

 Whether it survives til New Year without going mouldy, dropping to pieces or eaten by foxes is another matter.  For now it is the Best Wreath Ever!