Friday, 19 December 2014

The 2014 Sock's Fabulous Festive Wreath Awards

Following on from my last post detailing how I was inspired to create my own Festive Wreath this year, I found my twitterline awash with the most imaginative, creative, gorgeous and inspiring wreaths.  And there was me thinking that all wreaths had to be tight displays of  holly and pine cones with a red ribbon. So I have decided to honour my twitter pals Christmas creations with 'The Sock Wreath Award 2014' but before we get to that here are a few of my favourites.

Sprout wreaths! Who knew sprouts could be so chic! Clearly  @TheWalledNursery did
as they have produced some sprout stunners both available to buy and through the fun Wreath Workshops they run.  This one is my particular favourite in the 'sprout genre'. Sprouts are actually one of my favourite vegetables, I enjoy them on my plate and even more so on a wreath.  I love the subtle addition of colours in the pheasant feathers and chillies on this one.  The opposition has been pretty stiff but this wreath is my Runner Up.

Also from a participant at one of the Walled Nursery's fun Wreath Workshops this, using similar materials, bursts with energy like an explosion of Christmas countryside.

Beach litter! Not only is @MartinDorey 's #2minutebeachclean the best idea to appear on my twitterline in 2014 (read about it here..) but it has also produced this fabulous piece of art work.  Take part in a #2minutebeachclean and start collecting your own litter for a wreath that will look great at any time of year and may also just save a sea bird from being trapped in bits of old net.

The epitomy of elegance this wreath from Phillipa Borough (@ultingwick) would grace anyone's door. Phillipa has at least two 'wreathable' (if that's a word) exterior doors.  The problem with having a 'one wreathable door' terraced house is that I don't see why my miserable neighbours should get all the benefit from the view of my wreath so I'm keeping mine indoors! Ha ha!

Matching door and decoration from my friend @LazyTrollop who took time off from being Lazy to create this cheerful wreath.  I very much like the effect of seeing some of the wreath base - (a technique that my friend Helen Reeley suggested to me) particularly if you have gone to some trouble to make an attractive base yourself - I now feel a bit guilty about buying mine!

Lazy Trollop made me laugh saying her husband had asked why there were 'uncovered bits' and 'was it finished?'.

Some more examples of 'unfinished' wreaths from one of Helen Reeley's workshop.. this one just waiting for it's bow!  The Bedsock commented that it looks like an exotic bird swooping down onto the ring base..

Sebastian Jans (@SebJDesign) tweeted that his daughter had been inspired by Gardens Illustrated (@GdnsIllustrated) to forage for materials to make this small but beautifully formed stylish clematis wreath

It wasn't just wreaths hitting my timeline, festive garlands have inspired too, meaning more Christmas foraging fun for mine next year.  This, by @Petra_HM is quite majestic and wins 'The Sock Award for Best Garland'. Petra has given more details and instructions on how to turn your old tights into a festive garland on her blog The Oxonian Gardener . All you will need to achieve the full 'Country Living' effect is a fab fireplace complete with log fire! Petra is also the only person I know who has owned not just one but TWO ha-has in her life!

If you don't want to make your own wreath or don't have time, take a look at these lovely wreaths from Clifton Nurseries who also do workshops.  You never know, Matthew Wilson, (Director of the Nurseries and @LandscapeMan himself) may have actually touched these wreaths with his manly mitts. This one is the least expensive, quite traditional but beautifully crafted.

This slightly sinister and witchy 'Gothic' wreath, again from @TheWalledGarden, caught my eye. It shows how, in wreathmaking, you are only limited by your imagination..

I've saved the best 'til last.  If the Gothic wreath is 'Maleficent' then this mesmerizingly magical wreath holds the enchantment of 'Sleeping Beauty'. Made by @Fernverrow biodynamic growers and tweeted by @NigelSlater, it's made from moss, lichen, twigs, heather and old man's beard. Just absolutely adorable.. and winner of the Sock's 2014 Christmas Wreath Awards.

Of course if you don't agree with my choices you can always tweet your own festive favourites.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Arabella xx