Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hungry Birds - Hokkaido's Steller sea eagles

Only 16 months after the event I finally post some pics of our boat trip to photograph sea eagles in Rausu, Hokkaido, Japan in February 2016.  I might even get round to writing some proper text to go with them! As usual blogger blurs the photos slightly, frustrating!- one day I'll get around to using a better platform for them. If you click on a picture it should take you to a gallery of them with clearer images.

Cropping right into a photo of the eagles squabbling over food on the stone pier, this image looks Angry Bird cartoonish!

The eagles were photographed from a small (30 person?) boat against a backdrop of Rausu harbour and mountains

We had seen some eagles in the trees by the side of the coastal road but this was our first view of a Steller flying overhead

And when I say overhead - I mean within feet from our heads.  We were the only people on the small top-deck and this white-tailed eagle was taken with my 75-300mm lens so those talons were pretty near my head!

The boatmen throw fish for the birds and there is a procession of one eagle after another swooping down onto the water for them. They are so fast you need your camera set at highest speed

The power and size of these birds is awesome!

They are not far off the shore of the small coastal town of Rausu and like a bit of a fight over the best pieces of fish

I've got hundreds of photos that the Bedsock and I took of this astonishing experience - these are just a sample.


HelleMH said...

Wow, the beak of that stellar is massive - and what a fantastically beautiful bird. On another note, I always look at your twitter account and am suitably jealous of the birds that show up at your feeder, especially the bull finches, my all-time favourite bird.

Arabella Sock said...

Hi Helle

I think you must be my most faithful (if not only) reader! Always good to hear from you. My feeder birds are a revelation to me - it's like Heathrow airport 10 times over with them all zooming around the garden. The downside is that they are costing a fortune in birdfud and they poo on my washing but they are worth it, quite mesmerizing. Are you on twitter? Let me know and I'll follow you.

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

They are so dramatic - and come up on screen pretty crisp and clear. I'm not a 'bird person' but these action shots are exciting.

Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening said...

Wow! These photos are absolutely amazing, especially the first one of the eagle close up. It is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography.